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XBoot is a serial bootloader for ATMEL AVR series MCUs. Originally designed for the XMEGA series, it has been extended to also support any ATMEGA series part with sufficient memory. XBoot's primary features are support for multiple serial interfaces and support for online application-directed updating.


XGrid is platform for grid computing on AVR XMEGA series MCUs. XGrid leverages the multiple USARTS characteristic to the XMEGA series to support extensible grid computing. It also integrates with XBoot's API to support online firmware updates of the entire network.

Templates for Embedded Development

Templates library

The hardest part of many embedded system projects is configuring the toolchain and building a good set of libraries that leverage the chip's peripherals. The templates library contains templates for several processor series as well as a template for cross-platform GTK+ development that includes a cross-platform serial port library.

Other Projects